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more good news :-)

I know it has been a while since my last post. It has been an incredibly eventful week, and I have not really had a chance to write anything. I do have good news this week though. I lost another two pounds, bringing my weight down to 220 pounds even and giving me even more hope that I can get this done. I have lost a total so far (since two months ago) of 17 pounds; eleven of which has been completed while I have been doing this healthy eating regimen.

I also found a competition in my home town that is similar (though not as time consuming) as the biggest loser. I would have to pay thirty five dollars to get in, but the winners of the competition take home the proceeds. Each person gets to work with a healthy living coach throughout the week and we will meet on Wednesdays in order to weigh and talk. I think I am going to do it. It is six weeks long, and I found out that I know some people who are taking part so all the better for me I guess. 🙂 It starts in february, so we shall see I guess.

a small victory

Good news!!! At the end of this week I have dropped a total of three pounds! That is a grand total of nine in the two weeks that I have been dieting! I am so happy about this. This is close to ten, so I am about one ninth of the way to my goal. It seems so doable now! I know that the weight loss will probably slow down over certain periods of time, but I am still so incredibly motivated! I think that part of the difference has come because I realize that losing weight cannot be done overnight or with any type of quick fix. It is hard work. It takes dedication. The biggest thing I have changed is I am cutting out much of the fats that I have eaten, and my body seems to be reacting very positively. I also have to make sure to eat enough( at least 1200 a day, but with my weight and activity level I can supposedly eat up to 1500 a day and still keep losing). I made Jambalaya last night. Perch fillets, v8 juice, the spicy kind, salt, pepper, a couple of cups of raw wild rice and barley, 5 uncut raw roma tomotoes, and about a pound of mussels. I put it all in a slow cooker and let it cook overnight. It is pretty good.

Martin Luther King Day

No school today! The gym was closed. I was disappointed about that, but I did have work for four hours tonight so I got at least some work done.

I had crab today, which is a higher fat seafood and I should have stayed away from it. I used almost no butter, but even the fats in the crab itself gave me stomach cramps. It tasted good, and I thought that cutting back on the butter and eating just the crab would be ok, but apparently not. I also found out that the biscuits at red lobster are about 300 calories each!!!! Of course I found this out after I had eaten two of them. apparently this is because the biscuits are filled with butter and cheese.

Other than this, I had a salad. Let me tell you, after a week of healthy eating, even the small amount of Caesar dressing that was on the lettuce was way too rich. I could not eat the entire thing and ended up giving the rest to my hubby.

So, next time I go I will ask for vinaigrette instead of a creamy dressing, and I will not be eating the biscuits. I think that the best thing for me is to stay home and cook. I can cook well. That is a passion of mine that I do not have to give up just because I am eating healthier. I will simply learn to cook healthier recipes.

As a side note, I concocted a homemade facial scrub and it really seems to work. 2 cups of brown sugar, juice of half a lemon, and about one tablespoon of grape seed oil. Mix it together. Wet face and then scrub with some of mixture for about 30 seconds. The acids in the lemon help dissolve dirt, old facial oil and dead skin. The brown sugar helps exfoliate to take this out of pores, and the grape seed oil improves circulation in the face and evens skin tone. It also moisturizes without clogging pores. I have used this for two days so far and it has cleared up my skin better than many expensive facial products that I have used.


ok, that last post I made has the wrong date on it. I actually posted it just a moment ago.

I spent some time today watching a bit of an old ‘The Biggest Loser’ season. It was really inspirational for me because many of the people on the show only lose a few pounds each week. It is discouraging after a week of working so hard, but if they can keep going so can I. They all ended up losing so much weight by the end!