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The Plan

So I must confess: this year, I have not been good at getting to the gym. I have maintained my membership to my local Planet Fitness (love them!) but have not gone much at all. I am not sure if I have even gone once! :O aah!!!! What a terrible thought.

Anyway, I miss being in shape. I can feel the difference in my body when I go out to do my active things like hiking, or babysitting, or similar such things that demand personal energy.

In addition, I have become tired this year. I’m turning 30 next year and I am not sure if nearing the end of my twenties has anything to do with it, but I never used to get tired. I could stay up late (like really really late) and get up early, and it rarely, if ever, caught up up to me. After I turned 29, however, I get tired at night, and it is a much-harder-to-fight tired: The kind of tired that makes one fall asleep during their favorite movies, and start missing things that they otherwise would love to do because I just need more sleep than I used to. I am an extrovert of extroverts. I thrive on time with people: tossing back and forth ideas, and being whacky. I am the girl with no bubble, who hugs people upon first meeting, and likes to make everyone around her happy and comfortable. I am not the one who calls it a night early because she has to go home and go to bed.

Although I feel that part of this may be normal because I am coming in to a different time in my life, I believe some may be fitness related as well. If I was running at the gym at least three times a week like I used to, I would probably sleep better, and therefore, need less sleep again. (of course this is all postulating, and I must put it to the test and see if my hypothesis holds any merit)

Lastly, I am going to be in a wedding next may (like IN the bridal party) and I want to start getting back to my gym body 😀 (Not that I am particularly uncomfortable in my body, but I could feel a little less hindered by my body-fluff than I currently do. 🙂

So what is the plan, then?

Step One: I am going to get back to juicing, which I found to help my system thrive along with healthy eating. I stopped at one point when my juicer broke, but I have ways to fix this problem, and a new handy dandy hand cranked masticating chef star which I have heard other juicers rave about. (we will see) I would really like to get something that can spit out some wheatgrass juice for me, but I may just have to settle for now on buying the already juiced form.

I will use carrots, ginger, tumeric, and citris to sustain my energy, and Chia seeds and aloe to cleanse my zinliver.

Step Two: I will cut out alcohol as a regularly consumed item.

I am by no means a heavy drinker, but alcohol is high in calories, and an easy thing to cut when I am trying to get more healthy.

Step Three: Get to the Gym at least three times per week.

There is no reason I should not be able to do this. Even with the fact that I have two jobs, I do have free time, and I would rather use it creating a better tomorrow for myself than watching through all of the seasons of Criminal Minds for the third time.

never give upStep Four: Keep a Journal

I always do better when I write about my progress and my dreams. I have a journal with butterflies and gold swirls on the front that tells me to “imagine” which I greatly enjoy doing. I will never sit here and beat myself up for where I am. I will just set goals, and picture where I want to be because in this I find motivation. Beating oneself up only wears you out. Don’t take your strength out of today.

Step Five: Get a Calendar

I use calendars to track days, check off goals, and give myself star stickers for doing a good job (I don’t care that I have grown up. A shiny gold star still is motivation for me, and if it works it works!) gold star

Step Six: Just Keep Swimming!

Or running, or hiking, or walking, or zumba-ing: whatever I can do that day, I want to stay active. One day at a time, I will just keep going.

Step Seven: Purge and Stock

Purging all of the unhealthy foods out of my kitchen and loading up on healthy snacks and things to cook is going to be essential. Exercise is only 30 percent or so of losing weight. I need to make sure to keep my diet in check as well. (my biggest weakness? Pizza: the cheesy fatty salty doughy goodness that is oh so bad for me when eaten regularly. I know to keep myself in check on this one too.

Step Eight: Keep in touch

I plan to post at least a weekly update with my progress and challenges. Hopefully I will be able to post more than that as well. Accountability will be a key to me staying on track.

Well, for now, these are the only pieces of my plan. I may add or modify as it is implemented and I feel things out.

What helps you keep going?

Things that Keep a Healthy Lifestyle Motivated

I have gone through so many ups and downs when it comes to staying fit, and active, never give upand living a healthy lifestyle. There are many methods that I have tried to see if they would help me on my journey. Some have assisted slightly. Some have been complete flops. There are some methods that promise much and have delivered nothing. Finally, though, there are a few things I have found which have helped me stay on track, and given me motivation to keep going! These are the things I want to share with you.

gold star1-stars:gold star

as silly as it sounds, I give myself stars for doing well each day I accomplish my goals. I pick out a calendar that I like, and purchase star stickers, and just the thought of my week not looking complete keeps me going to the gym on gym days, and eating well throughout the week.

2- Keeping Junk food out of the house:

junk foodYou cant eat junk food if you don’t have access to it, right? This has become more difficult since I now share a residence with my brother, but keeping only healthy options available has greatly helped in cutting out the bad snacking.

3-Keeping a dream journal

By journaling just a little bit about progress, measurements, and end goals (especially the why portion of theimagine end goals) I am able to stay motivated to keep going, even on the weeks where I don’t see much progress.

4- Measuring weekly

Every once in a while, there is a week where numbers on the scale don’t change. In fact, they may even go up a little. On these weeks it is especially important to measure myself. I always see at least some progress when I check my measurements against those of the week before.

Here is a chart that I use to help me remember all the points to measure weekly:


Vegetable-Juices-for-Losing-Weight25- keeping a rainbow in my fridge

I like healthy food. I actually enjoy most fruits and veggies, and I prefer whole grain in most situations. Often my problem lies with not taking the time or budgeting the money to actually go get my healthy foods to keep around the house.

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