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The Plan

So I must confess: this year, I have not been good at getting to the gym. I have maintained my membership to my local Planet Fitness (love them!) but have not gone much at all. I am not sure if I have even gone once! :O aah!!!! What a terrible thought.

Anyway, I miss being in shape. I can feel the difference in my body when I go out to do my active things like hiking, or babysitting, or similar such things that demand personal energy.

In addition, I have become tired this year. I’m turning 30 next year and I am not sure if nearing the end of my twenties has anything to do with it, but I never used to get tired. I could stay up late (like really really late) and get up early, and it rarely, if ever, caught up up to me. After I turned 29, however, I get tired at night, and it is a much-harder-to-fight tired: The kind of tired that makes one fall asleep during their favorite movies, and start missing things that they otherwise would love to do because I just need more sleep than I used to. I am an extrovert of extroverts. I thrive on time with people: tossing back and forth ideas, and being whacky. I am the girl with no bubble, who hugs people upon first meeting, and likes to make everyone around her happy and comfortable. I am not the one who calls it a night early because she has to go home and go to bed.

Although I feel that part of this may be normal because I am coming in to a different time in my life, I believe some may be fitness related as well. If I was running at the gym at least three times a week like I used to, I would probably sleep better, and therefore, need less sleep again. (of course this is all postulating, and I must put it to the test and see if my hypothesis holds any merit)

Lastly, I am going to be in a wedding next may (like IN the bridal party) and I want to start getting back to my gym body 😀 (Not that I am particularly uncomfortable in my body, but I could feel a little less hindered by my body-fluff than I currently do. 🙂

So what is the plan, then?

Step One: I am going to get back to juicing, which I found to help my system thrive along with healthy eating. I stopped at one point when my juicer broke, but I have ways to fix this problem, and a new handy dandy hand cranked masticating chef star which I have heard other juicers rave about. (we will see) I would really like to get something that can spit out some wheatgrass juice for me, but I may just have to settle for now on buying the already juiced form.

I will use carrots, ginger, tumeric, and citris to sustain my energy, and Chia seeds and aloe to cleanse my zinliver.

Step Two: I will cut out alcohol as a regularly consumed item.

I am by no means a heavy drinker, but alcohol is high in calories, and an easy thing to cut when I am trying to get more healthy.

Step Three: Get to the Gym at least three times per week.

There is no reason I should not be able to do this. Even with the fact that I have two jobs, I do have free time, and I would rather use it creating a better tomorrow for myself than watching through all of the seasons of Criminal Minds for the third time.

never give upStep Four: Keep a Journal

I always do better when I write about my progress and my dreams. I have a journal with butterflies and gold swirls on the front that tells me to “imagine” which I greatly enjoy doing. I will never sit here and beat myself up for where I am. I will just set goals, and picture where I want to be because in this I find motivation. Beating oneself up only wears you out. Don’t take your strength out of today.

Step Five: Get a Calendar

I use calendars to track days, check off goals, and give myself star stickers for doing a good job (I don’t care that I have grown up. A shiny gold star still is motivation for me, and if it works it works!) gold star

Step Six: Just Keep Swimming!

Or running, or hiking, or walking, or zumba-ing: whatever I can do that day, I want to stay active. One day at a time, I will just keep going.

Step Seven: Purge and Stock

Purging all of the unhealthy foods out of my kitchen and loading up on healthy snacks and things to cook is going to be essential. Exercise is only 30 percent or so of losing weight. I need to make sure to keep my diet in check as well. (my biggest weakness? Pizza: the cheesy fatty salty doughy goodness that is oh so bad for me when eaten regularly. I know to keep myself in check on this one too.

Step Eight: Keep in touch

I plan to post at least a weekly update with my progress and challenges. Hopefully I will be able to post more than that as well. Accountability will be a key to me staying on track.

Well, for now, these are the only pieces of my plan. I may add or modify as it is implemented and I feel things out.

What helps you keep going?

How You Should Dress Today

Such great memories, and it is true. It has all gone so quickly.

A Momma's View

Just a quick reminder about how you should dress today when leaving the house…

This made me laugh so hard. Remember when you first watched that movie and tablets like the iPad, handless and wireless video games, 3D Television, video conferencing, super thin TV’s on the wall, families eating a meal together but totally focused on their devices, watching multiple TV channels at once and hover boards seemed such a crazy idea? And now look at us… Predictions they got right when making those movies.

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another couple: slowly but surely

As of the beginning of this week, I am down a couple more pounds. 215. I can’t wait until I am under 200 now! It seems so possible now! Little steps and little progress, but I am going to make it. I am determined!  I can run two minutes straight at 6.5 now, and a minute straight at 8. That is such progress. you guys keep pushing on! you will do well!

Forward to Victory!!!

About this time last year, I set forth on an adventure, to teach myself how to lose weight, and do it. I wanted to be healthier, and able to enjoy life to a greater extent. I wanted to do a year end review (or year beginning review I guess) of my progress.

As far as weight goes, I have, so far lost 37 lbs. This is a total of a little over 3 lbs a month over the last year. This is less than I had planned, but any progress is good, and I have not, at any time this year, gained anything other than what is normal with fluctuations of the body.

For fitness, I am feeling so so much better. Last year, I could not jog at 4.5 mph for 30 seconds even once. Last summer, I ran a 5k with 4.5 as my average speed. I run for 30 seconds at 10, and it tires me, 1 minute at 8mph. and 3 minutes at 6, but these are not one time during a workout anymore either. These are now thrown in constantly. As soon as my heart calms below where I want it, I run again.

My asthma is nearly non existent. I notice it only once in a great while, usually when the air is bad quality at the same time as I am running.

Just a thought: I was carrying a box of 25lb cat litter upstairs, and realized I have lost 1 and 1 half times that amount almost exactly. “Man, I used to carry around this extra weight all of the time! No wonder I was low on energy!” I thought to myself.

Forward to Victory!!!

Healthy Beef Hot Dogs?

Hello All.

I love beef hot dogs. When summer rolls around, I find myself craving that big beefy taste of great barbecued hot dogs with mustard and ketchup. I have tried turkey dogs, and they are just not the same. They leave me longing for those beefy wonders. This year, I may have found the solution.

Hebrew National (One of my favorite brands) now makes a 97% fat free kosher beef hot dog! There is only 1 gram of fat per link in these things!  I decided to try them, and tell you all if they are good, or too good to be true.

To complete my ‘healthy hot dog,’ I used Nature’s Own 100% Whole Wheat hot dog buns, French’s Classic Yellow Mustard, and Heinz Reduced Sugar Tomato Ketchup (with only 5 calories per TBSP).

In all, each hot dog, completely assembled, has 3 grams fat (0 saturated or trans) , 155 calories, 11 grams protein, 3 sugars, 25 carbs, and 3 grahms of fiber: pretty good for a barbecue meal.

They looked good, but it was time for the test. How did the taste measure up?

To my pleasure, these hot dogs were wonderfully good. They had the same beef taste as the hot dogs I missed. The only drawback to these is that they are not as juicy as the full fat hot dogs of my past. No worries, though. I have gotten as close as I believe I can to the yummy hot dog qualities I like most. It is still not the best meal for you, thanks to sodium and a higher than should be ratio between carbohydrates and proteins, but if you are doing a backyard barbecue, and desire a healthy alternative, this is the way to go!


loving the lake

I live near a lake in the North of Raleigh. You can kayak, bike, run, play tennis on the courts, basketball, volleyball, etc. This is really an apartment complex that encourages an active lifestyle. I love it here! The one challenge that I have had recently is what I feel is sweltering heat. I lived in Idaho a year ago, and find raleigh very hot and humid. It is hard for me to deal with this heat when I am exercising. Even if I get up in the morning before work to run, it is in the upper 70s, and the humidity is killing. I miss idaho weather! I will adjust to the heat out here, I am sure.

I went to the flea market out here today and walked around for a few hours. I bought some carved bone earrings, and a large conch shell. It kept my mind off of the heat as I walked around all afternoon.

Healthy eating is very healthy as well. exercise will get you only so far. I have seen, with myself, that if I spend a lot of time exercising, I desire healthier food, but there is also the excuse that comes up sometimes of “I exercised today, so I can eat this.” Do not get caught up in this excuse or any excuse for that matter. You are working hard! Learn to reward yourself in other ways.
Lastly, I have lost another pound this week!!! Honestly, I do not know how it happened. It should not have happened. I went out too much, but I am glad it did, and I will try harder next week. The heat cannot be an excuse for me.
I was reading Simple Living magazine and they had an idea for outdoor parties during the summer that I believe may come in handy. They said that using mini ice packs and putting them on areas such as your wrists can help keep your core temperature low. I found a couple small ice packs that can be strapped to the wrists, and I am going to see if they help keep me cooler while I am working out this week. (I know I can work out indoors, but I much prefer to run around the lake to using a treadmill.)

Hope for Haiti

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A year ago, it was hard to walk at 2.5-3 mph continuously. Now, I have done 2 5k races, and am excited to find and sign up for a third! I finished my last race at 14.30 minutes per mile. A year ago, I was doing about 25 minutes per mile.  big improvement! I still have quite a way to go. I have about 85 lbs to lose as an approximation, and I can run for a little over a minute at a time.

I am proud of how far I have come. A year ago, I could not run for more than 15 seconds. now I am running for over a minute. I have figured out that I do better in competition, so I will sign up for as many races as I can find. So far, I have done Hope for Belize (a color run) and hope for Haiti (a regular 5k). I love them, and, although it has only been a month, I miss them. I cannot wait to find another and race!

I love the way that 5ks help people. You can make a difference, and get fit! Never underestimate yourself. You can do so much more than you ever thought you could! I have asthma, and have been able to push myself to half walk, half run two 5ks! Push yourself! You are able to do so much more than you believe!

July 14th

I woke up on thursday of this week feeling a bit like I had gained some weight. I was a bit down for several hours thinking that I felt puffy, and possibly a bit bloated. my chin was looking less defined, I thought, and my arms might be getting bigger. I finally reached home after work and decided to weigh myself. I was sure I would be a couple of pounds up from about two weeks ago when I last weighed, and I prepared myself for the bad news. Much to my suprise, when I looked down at the scale, I was a pound down! Imagine my joy! I was shocked, and became a bit upset at myself for beating myself up so much at the beginning of the day. I now have renewed faith that, even on my gross feeling days, I may not be looking as badly as I am feeling. Yaay!

31 pounds

I have to look to see what my rewards were listed as because I have not rewarded myself. I am now 31 lbs down! I also have run two5k races, and am feeling a whole lot more healthy. I have noticed that I am able to do so much more than I did last year. When I am with friends, I feel like a competitor, not someone who is going to slow the group down. I have been watching what i am eating, and I just moved close to a lake, where there are many activities to be active in. We have a tennis court, volleyball court, trail around the lake, gym(although I prefer outdoor activity).

I am a size down in pants. I wear an 18 now, and I am getting closer to another downsize. I am also about two sizes down in shirts.

Here is a little tidbit that makes me happy. About a year ago, back in Pocatello, Idaho, the college (Idaho State University) that I attended was giving out shirts. (they did this regularly) I asked for an extra large, and someone thought I may need a size larger, and rudely told me this. It hurt, but I knew that I could eventually change this. At my race a couple of weeks ago, Romal and I had ordered two shirts. I got a large (I like to run in baggy shirts), and he ordered a medium( he likes to show off his manly chest), and they tried to hand me the smaller one!!! That was a small victory. I KNEW I had changed! There was no doubt in my mind.

I was looking through pictures the other day at my sister’s wedding, and saw a picture of myself last january. I realized just how much weight has come off of my body since then. I am so much more confident than I was. I still have a ways to go, but I am confident that I will get there. I do need to watch my dinners more than I have been. I am really good all day long, and then I lose track of my goal at dinner. I have never been a salad person, and probably never will be, but this is my next thing to work on. I have to get my dinners out under control!

setback, but still hopeful

Sorry it has been so long since my last post. I have been dealing with both family and personal issues and have been unable to take time to write. I have been held back from a back injury that occurred several weeks ago, and have gained back four pounds. I hope to get these off soon, however.

This is not the subject of today’s writing, however. I thought that I should take time to write about the fact that I just found out I was right about something which I had been put down for earlier. I think that it is healthy to once in a while stand on your statement and be able to declare “I was right” and have no fear about it. This is my blog and I can say it if I wish to. So, here it is: “I was right!” That feels good. One more time: “I was right.”

Now that I have all of you wondering what I was right about, let me tell you. Years ago, I saw a fact that told me a generation is officially considered to be twenty years. There are five generations in every century. I just did a bit of online research and confirmed this fact that I had been sure about all along.

The reason that this makes such a difference in my usually quiet way of doing thing is as follows:

A few weeks ago I was having diner with friends and I was asked how many generations of my family have been living within the United States. I had not previously thought about it, but under pressure from my friends (and the assumption that 20 years equals approximately one generation) I guesstimated about six generations have passed since my relatives had come from overseas.

As soon as I had let this figure pass through my lips, however, my friends were quite surprised. “SIX generations!” they exclaimed. “that’s like thousands of years!!!”

I was perplexed. I had been under the impression, as I later told them (and received a great deal of flack and reprimand for) that officially a generation equaled about twenty years. I had seen this, I admit, for the first time on the tv show who wants to be a millionaire and the fact had simply stuck with me since then.

Tonight, still a bit bothered by the harsh treatment I had received for believing as I did that twenty years equals one generation, I decided to go online and search for the truth. Although statistics and opinion pointed at anywhere between twenty years and twenty-five years to be a generation, I decided to find the official number, even if it meant I was wrong. I searched, and there it was, staring me in the face. I had been correct. Officially speaking, a generation is considered to be twenty years. There are generations of people that have been either longer or shorter than this, but the official count is twenty years.

I was glad to have reinforced my idea and I believe I will stand stronger on facts that I feel sure of from now on. Although I do not remember his name, an Egyptian adviser to the pharaoh was reported to have said that if you are in the presence of an expert you should hold your tongue unless you also know what you are talking about. In that case, his advice was to speak boldly and be sure of yourself. Maybe I need to take this advice to heart more often than I currently do.

So, I guess I have one more thing to declare. I am minoring in organizational communication, not communications. They are different things, and I did say it correctly before.